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About EvolveIT Education

Securing Knowledge - one byte at a time

About EvolveIT Education

EvolveIT Education began with a simple premise. Every student deserves access to top-tier IT training, particularly when it comes to IT Fundamentals and Cybersecurity. As modern tech stacks continue to expand and grow rapidly, today’s IT professionals need cutting-edge training to stay ahead of the curve. That is where we come into play.


Our comprehensive IT training equips every student with the expertise, practical skills, and confidence to navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. With a living curriculum, we deliver training fully applicable to real-world scenarios, ensuring students get the theory and experience to dive into the IT sector as soon as possible

The EvolveIT Education Difference

What sets EvolveIT apart is our unwavering dedication to every student’s success. We deliver on this promise through hands-on training from experienced teachers using industry-leading software and hardware. Every course is designed to be highly immersive and interactive, redefining the conventional training programs that flood the online world.

Stop listening to monotonous lectures and pre-recorded, out-of-date concepts. Students at EvolveIT benefit from live whiteboard sessions, engaging animations, real-world case students, mini-games, puzzles, and so much more. With seasoned professionals from leading Fortune 500 IT departments at the helm, we enrich the tech world by cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for every subject.

  • What if I need extra help on a specific topic?
    We're committed to ensuring you grasp every concept. If you wish to delve deeper into a particular topic, additional group based classes can be requested by contacting administration or lead trainer.
  • Do I need prior IT experience to enroll?
    While prior experience can be beneficial, our courses are designed to accommodate beginners and professionals. Our foundational courses provide a great starting point for novices.
  • Do you provide job placement?
    We do not offer nor guarantee a job placement, however we will assist you in every step of your job hunt - with your resume, job applications and interview preparations. What we guarantee you is the industry leading knowledge that you can apply in corporate environment which will make you stand out from other candidates.
  • What software and hardware tools will be used during the training?
    We utilize top industry software and hardware solutions, many of which are employed by Fortune 500 companies, ensuring you get hands-on experience with tools that are in demand in the industry.
  • What is the return policy?
    If you already paid for the month and after taking one session, you are not satisfied, please contact administration and we will refund you the full amount paid for that specific month.
  • Will there be guest speakers during the training sessions?
    We often invite industry-leading experts as guest speakers to provide additional insights, career guidance, and to answer any specific questions students might have.
  • How interactive are the courses?
    Very! We emphasize interactive learning with trivia quizzes, games, mini-projects, feedback sessions, and hands-on labs. Additionally, there are opportunities to ask questions and engage with trainers in real time.
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